Our story


Restaurant Orient opened its doors in 1992. In the beginning, it started as a fast food restaurant. This is the place where, for the first time in Varna, döner kebab and a real charcoal grill are offered. Subsequently, the restaurant expanded and modernized until it became a favorite and preferred place..

Currently, the establishment has 60 seats and a summer garden. The staff is highly qualified, fluent in several foreign languages. In restaurant Orient every customer can enjoy the pleasure of food in a pleasant and cozy environment.

The restaurant offers authentic dishes from the oriental cuisine and an extraordinary variety of tastes such as: düner kebab, charcoal grill, fish dishes, whole roast lamb, rabbit or turkey. Turkish desserts such as: baklava, kadaif, künefe and many more. And of course, the obligatory Turkish tea after lunch or dinner.

With us you will have the opportunity to enjoy traditional oriental cuisine and always fresh food..

Our experienced team will take care of you and your special occasion.

Come to the restaurant Orient and see for yourself!

Yossi Shasho
Great vegan meal.
We ordered the tabule, Bread, salad assortment (had some cheese), vegan kofta, falafel and green peppers with red sauce. More than enough food for two hungry vegan guys. Everything was tasty.

Rosalie Boone
I had an amazing breakfast here! Worth going!
Nutty Tart
If you crave turkish food in Varna- this is the place! The meat is delicious- perfectly seasoned and cooked, the vegetables are always fresh. I know for sure that they deliver their ingredients from Turkey, so the taste is as close as it can be. The bread and pides are amazing, just order one, you'll not be sorry! Try: adana, iskender, karasik izgara, pide, lahmacun, ayran or/and beer Efes and if you still have space- könefe 😀 The portions might be small for Bulgarian pizzarias but are completely normal for Turkish restaurants. Sitting inside is a little hot but outside is very pleasant. One of my favourite places from years!
Jonathan Vermote
Best Turkish restaurant in Bulgaria so far. And I tried a few ones here. One in sveti vlas, few in Sofia. But this is the best for me. Came 2 times in 3days.
This restaurant invokes good memories of my many visits to Turkey. They've got the usual suspects – šiš kebab, döner, adana, mixed grill, balon ekmek, various fresh salads and a whole lot more. During peak hours it can be quite crowded and as a result the service might be slow, but despite this it is still one of the best restaurants we tried during our visit to Varna.
Preslav Nikov
Best Turkish food in town. Truly delicious dishes. Service can be slow sometimes but the food makes up for it.
Ana Centea
Very flavored & juicy food. Food has an amazing flavor and the service is very good. One day we also ordered using take away with personal pick up, they were on time with the food and food was warm. Would recommend.
Yoanna Ivanova
The food is delicious and it arrived very quickly. The prices are reasonable and the staff is polite. Unfortunately a lot of the dishes were not available as the oven was not working during our visit. Nevertheless a good place for dinner
Ognyan Nedelchev
Very nice and authentic traditional turkish restaurant in the center of Varna. I am not sure but I think it is the oldest of its kind in Varna. Friendly staff and nice selection of turkish dishes at a good price. I recommend it!
Best. Coffee. Ever. We were there in July. Excellent food, great service (one time. The other time it was meh. A lady was as most Bulgarian waiters - not very interested and jaded. But there was also a man, who was the best waiter in the whole Varna - he advised us on a dish choice and small-talked with us a bit, very pleasant man. Because of him (and food ofc) we came back😂).